Debbie delights in capturing candid moments and subjects that might otherwise be overlooked or ignored. Her focus can vary from the textures, colors, or patterns in a simple crack in the sidewalk to the myriad emotions we reveal in our expressions and everyday human interactions. She shows not only the beautiful, but also the quirky, ironic, or amusing aspects of her varying subjects.

Using media that includes digital photography, charcoal, pastels, watercolor, and acrylics, Debbie expresses her thoughts and feelings about her subject by using colors, textures, and patterns in a playful, abstract way to interpret human emotions. Her aim is to honor people's work, culture, and traditions and to marvel at the beautiful, complex, and sometimes bewildering, world around us.

Born and raised in the US, Debbie has traveled extensively and lived overseas for many years. She draws inspiration from all her unique experiences. Currently living in Oman, Debbie has been an active member of Muscat's art community since 2011, where she has participated in a number of exhibitions and workshops with other artists of the region. 

Group Exhibitions:

  • 2015-2017 Sultan's School Annual Charity Exhibition
  • 2014 AWG Art Exhibition "ArtWalk @ Shatti"
  • 2014 Art 100x100 Exhibition benefitting the Oman Cancer Association
  • 2014 AWG Art Exhibition "Al Finan Souq"
  • 2013 AWG Art Exhibition "Muscat Artbeat - Together with Color"
  • 2013 AWG Photographic Exhibition "The Power of Red"
  • 2013 Art 100x100 Exhibition benefitting the Oman Cancer Association
  • 2012 Wall Painting Project with the Ghalyas Museum of Modern Art
  • 2012 Omantel/AWG Art Exhibition "Muscat Mosaic - Together with Colour!"
  • 2012 AWG Photographic Exhibition "My Omani Moment"


  • Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from the University of Minnesota, USA
  • Graduate studies in Communication and Training & Development, University of Minnesota, USA


  • Narrative Art Techniques using various media with Gillian Lee Smith
  • Sculpture with Katherine E. Nash
  • Acrylic and Pastel Techniques with Pauline Agnew
  • Watercolor Techniques with Verna Jean Powell
  • Portrait Drawing with Gabby Hirsch
  • Acrylic and Mixed Media Techniques with Abdel Wahab Nour
  • Arabic Calligraphy with Khaled Al-Saai
  • Abstract Acrylics and Textures with Mohammed Al Zadjali
  • Fusionart with Freydoon Rassouli
  • Abstract Acrylics with Marjan Habibian
  • Charcoal Drawing Techniques with Aryel Llanza 
  • Abstract Acrylic Techniques with Rozita Moheimani
  • Mosaics with Sharmila Kamat Dalal
  • Paragon Arts sponsored workshops with various resident and Omani artists
  • Synergy Art with various resident and Omani artists including Anwar Sonya, Saleem Al Sakhi, Abdul Kareem Al Maimani, Saeed Al Alawi, and Abdulmajeed Karooh
  • Gailani Art Retreat

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